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Everyone loves a birthday party, especially when you’re on the invitation list.  And you are on it!


A working group has been planning ways to celebrate the happy occasion.  Yes, it will be a gift from ourselves to ourselves, but we want to involve the general public as well.


We’re considering several ideas, and some of them are in the organising phase as you read this.


So… a party?  Oh, yes!  A classy calendar for 2018?  Definitely! A dedication event for the completion of our Phantom? Almost certainly!


And those are just for starters.  We’ll have a year-long celebration in 2018, so strap yourself in for a fabulous flight!  

Your continuing suggestions and support will be critical to the celebration’s success. After all, it’s the strength of our members which has brought us through a half century of amazing progress, from very modest beginnings.  But the modesty is gone, and energy is in!


Tell us how you think we should mark the occasion.


The 50th anniversary working group (so far!) is:  Des Regan, Garry MacDonald, Stephen Hegarty, Mark Cairns and Stephen Riley (chair). Talk with any of us, or put your ideas to any member of the UAS management committee.  We’re all eager to listen!



The Ulster Aviation Society turns 50 next year.