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The Ernie Cromie Room

So named in recognition of his 30 years as Chairman of the Society, the Ernie Cromie Room contains displays which feature various aspects of Northern Ireland’s aviation history during the Second World War.


They include the roles of Long Kesh and Maghaberry airfields, Northern Ireland’s contribution to the Battle of the Atlantic, the extensive presence of the United States Army Air Force and US Naval Air Service, examples of medals awarded to men from Northern Ireland and Eire who served in the Royal Air Force and Fleet Air Arm, uniforms and Pilot’s log books and a map of Northern Ireland depicting the disposition of airfields and other relevant facilities.

rnie Cromie, the late Capt. Eric 'Winkle' Brown and UAS Chairman, Ray Burrows

(L-R) Ernie Cromie, the late Capt. Eric 'Winkle' Brown and UAS Chairman, Ray Burrows

013 web

Wide-angled photo of the Ernie Cromie Room


A great photo showing the variety of the displays, models, exhibits and information to be seen in the room

095 - Ted Jones & Catalina model web

Ted Jones, a regular visitor from Dublin, notes a detail in the model of a PBY Catalina patrol aircraft.  Ted was a Catalina pilot himself during the Second World War.


The Ernie Cromie Room contains several models of aircraft which saw service in the Battle of the Atlantic.



009 web

Tour Guide, Norman Watt, 

with a group of visitors to the

Ernie Cromie Room.


He is pointing to a panel featuring the Fleet Air Arm squadrons that were shore-based at Long Kesh during the Second World War.

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Donations of all sorts arrive at the Society on a regular basis, including various types of headgear.


These are two pilots’ helmets from the Cold War era, displayed in the Ernie Cromie Room.


024 web 005 web

Tour guide Norman Watt provides information about the military airfields located throughout Northern Ireland during the Second World War in the Ernie Cromie Room.

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Glass cases in the Ernie Cromie room house a model collection of famous aircraft.


037 web

A small selection of models on display in the Ernie Cromie Room of the Society.  These are part of a display featuring aircraft of RAF Coastal Command which took part in the Battle of the Atlantic while based in Northern Ireland.



The U.S. Army Air Force played a major role in Northern Ireland during the Second World War.  These panels, each six feet high, tell the story on a wall of the Ernie Cromie Room.

Visit by Eric “Winkle” Brown

— the Royal Navy's most decorated pilot, he witnessed the liberation of Bergen Belsen concentration camp in World War Two, and also held the world record for flying the greatest number of different types of aircraft, 487.



Aviation and air forces have used a wide range of  clothing and uniforms to fulfill many roles as diverse as ceremonial duties to extremes such as firefighting.


Unfortunately due to their fragile nature and lack of suitable display facillities the majority of uniforms and related equipment in the collection are currently in storage.

Air Gunner Uniform detail The Ulster Aviation Society have a wide range of aircraft models and prototypes



A number of models are held in the collection. These range from large wind tunnel models, either of complete aircraft or parts of a design. An architectural model of the International airport building . Airshow display models built for trade stands through to Radio controlled models, and scale plastic examples.