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Filming & photographic aviation Location within Northern Ireland

The Ulster Aviation Society' hangars and heritage aircraft collection, located within their compound at Maze Long Kesh in Lisburn, Northern Ireland has been a frequent filming location and backdrop for numerous TV series,  documentaries and productions over the years.


From BBC documentaries, childrens' sci-fi drama series, to a punk rock music video, the two UAS hangars have a rich, authentic heritage that have provided the creative inspiration and opportunity for amazing visuals, cinematography, texture and atmosphere during each production.

Great British Railway Journeys

Season 10, Episode 6, BBC2

Michael Portillo filmed at the Ulster Aviation Society during Season 10 Ep.6 (Newry to Portadown) of "GREAT BRITISH RAILWAY JOURNEYS". 11th Feb 2019, BBC2, 6.30pm, and was available on BBC iPlayer


UAS also has their own Video Channel

Previous Television productions which have filmed at the Ulster Aviation Society include:


• BBC "THE GREAT FLYING CHALLENGE" — 3-part BBC Series, hosted by Dick Strawbridge  (5th Sept 2016), which built the Ferguson Flyer Replica, later donated to the UAS by the BBC.  Promo Trailer


• BBC "GREAT BRITISH RAILWAY JOURNEYS" — Season 10, Episode 6 (Newry to Portadown).

Presented by Michael Portillo (11th Feb, 2019) for BBC2


• BBC "WEATHER WORLD" — Documentary on weather reconnasissance presented by Sarah Lucas, and filmed with the Shorts Sherpa Jet SB.4  (17th April, 2017) for BBC News Channel


• CBBC "THE SPARTICLE MYSTERY’ — Season 3, Episode 5 (The Teen Father)  (2015)   Scene 1 + Scene 2


• BBC "MONKMAN & SEAGULL'S GENIUS GUIDE TO BRITAIN" — Season 1, Episode 3  (Northern Ireland). 

Promo Trailer  (25th Sept, 2019) for BBC2


• NVTV  — Short documentary about the Ulster Aviation Society


• "ASIAN AIR SAFARI" — Season 9, Ireland I + II. Phillippines TV Show hosted by Capt Joy Roa (July 2014)


• "SAINTS PRESERVE US" — Celtic Folk Punk Rock Music Video for THE RUMJACKS


• "TOP GUN", "CON AIR", "AIRPLANE!" — Annual Belfast Film Festival Movie Nights

If you are interested in using the UAS hangars or compound as a Filming Location, please contact us for further information.