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November 2016 update by Chairman, Ray Burrows

More good news arrived in the shape of a plumber who soon cured our ‘no water’ situation in the new toilets by flushing the pipes which had become clogged with sand and silt! Together with the new electric motor installed on the shutter door, I must say we do seem to be making steady progress with our accommodation. Hopefully Graham will have space for an article on our trip to the RAFM at Cosford and elsewhere you will find details on our proposed trip in 2017 to two German museums each of which offer

something different.


Recently I picked up a piece of scrap paper and on turning it over, there were the details of a visit to Air Traffic Control at Belfast International... the date November 1985! I wonder if it’s possible to get some of those back on the programme?


Remaining very briefly on the subject of ‘visits’ it is becoming extremely rare to be able to log a ‘first’ visit of a completely new type of aircraft anywhere, never mind at George Best Belfast City Airport, but sure enough on Tuesday 18th October a USAF V22 Osprey arrived for refuelling! Not only was it photographed but videoed as well making a vertical departure, again there should be some photos elsewhere in the magazine.


It’s really good to be able to report some forward movement on our position at Maze, Long Kesh – as from the 1st October we are now able to occupy what we have come to call “Hangar 2”. It has effectively doubled our rent but we feel it’s giving us double the space and it is space we really do need. It will also allow us to re-organise the collection to some degree by moving / swopping aircraft from one hangar to the other.

The first part of the Winter 2017 Shuffle (aka "Hangar Tetris") took place with the Ferguson Flyer being moved and reassembled in Hangar 1.


On a lighter note, our good friend Robin Mercer at Hillmount Nurseries has invited us to their annual “Santa” arrival day on November 26th.


Once again we have agreed subject to weather conditions, but Robin tells me the site is inundated with kids – so what better way to educate the younger generation than to get them into our Spitfire! We might raise a fewpounds in donations as well!


Remember members — 14th December is the photo and model competition, so get snapping, or building, as the case may be.


Til next month. R.B.

Out and about we have recently helped with an exhibition at the MAC in Belfast and subject to weather the Spitfire will be travelling to the Richmond Nursing Home on Seafront Road, Cultra (5th Nov) where a small Remembrance Service is held annually.


Considering this is where our original Patron,  Sir Philip Foreman and I believe Lady Margaret were both well looked after in their final days, we felt it was a nice way not only to say thank you to the staff but to have a special item to show in the Remembrance Service.


Santa traded in Rudolph for a Spitfire at Hillmount Nurseries

The UAS Spitfire at Richmond Nursing Home on Seafront Road, Cultra, where our original Patron, Sir Philip Foreman spent his final days